Grisham Fused Glass
Dichroic Angry Fish Plate
Breathtaking fine art that glimmers in the light as it picks up and reflects the light in any room. The picture does not do it justice. 
The ocean bottom is the artist's own glass creation. This 11.5 inch piece is completely glass; no added paint or other materials are involved.
A Yellow Necklace surrounded by gold plated macreme'd wire. 
It is  on a silk cord with a strong magnetic attachment.  SOLD
Angry fishes Family outing on a background of blue sparkles.  11 3/4 " diameter. The picture shows it in a stand on a table.   SOLD
Tom Duly tree  11 3/4 " diameter    SOLD
Trout head plate.  Glass on reverse side looks like a wood grain.  8" x 8" square   SOLD
Angry fish's turtle soup... bowl.    approx 11 1/2 " diameter.... 2" deep  SOLD
Lady divided dish. 
The lady's dress has embedded metal spirals. The division in the dish is excellant for pickles, cheese & crackers, or other appetizers. When not in use, store on a stand in the kitchen for a touch of art. Hand wash only. approx. 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 diameter.....approx. 1" deep.  SOLD
Eagle Plate   Flat for stand or wall    13 inch         GONE
Angry Fish in orange              SOLD