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I have found the oils extremely successful in helping with many ailments without the drug side effects. I keep peppermint (for pain, headaches, cold sores) thieves (for allergies and eliminating cold and flu), and frankincense (cure all) with me at all times. Brain power is another oil that not only helps with clarity but also smells good enough for a perfume.  Lavender is an awesome wrinkle eliminator.  Frankincense, Idaho blue spruce and lemongrass have been known to fight cancer.

I hope you all discover the magic and healing of essential oils.
God Bless
Wrinkle recipe:
i drop frankincense
1 drop lavender
1 drop lemon

Mosquito repellent:

Slow aging:

Migraine headaches;
peppermint, basil, pan-away, M-Grain, or deep relief

Flu season - Stop vomiting

rub Thieves oil on the bottom of your feet. 
rub peppermint oil and fennel oil diluted in coconut oil
over your addomen.

Cough syrup

Empty baby food jar (or any glass 4 oz jar)
1 lemon peeled & cut
10 teaspoons of raw honey
7 drops of Young Living's Thieves oil
1. Peel and cut 3/4 of the lemon into small pieces
     and add to jar.
2. Pour raw honey into jar until full (about 10 tsp)
3. Add Thieves oil and stir.
4. Add 1 tsp of the mixture to a cup of warm water and 
Store the jar in the refrigerator.